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Colored Zip Bag


 Recycle Sign


Tamper Proof

Stand up Gusset


Magic Plastics has an extensive range of Products available. Currently, we have the following products like LDPE & Polypropylene Re-Closable Plastic Zip-Lock Bags with Sleek and Strong Double-Locking. Our products are made to order and can be given unique advantages to take good care of your products !

Extensive Range of Products available in LDPE & Polypropylene Plastic Zip Bags.

Made to Order Re-Closable Zip Bags that can be given unique advantages -

100% Air-Tight

100% Bio-Degradable

100% Recyclable

100% Photo Quality Printing

100% Static-Free

100% Tamper-Proof

Essentially PP and LDPE bags with re-closeable zip-locks, they outperform any bags available in the Indian Market. Made as per International Standards with the latest machinery imported from Taiwan, all orders are customized to Size, Color, Thickness/Gauge and Print Material. Of course, addition of Die Punch, Gusset, Air-Holes, Hang-Holes, Tamper-Proof and Static-Free and other infinite possibilities.


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